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Upscalers & Videos:

XRGB mini Framemeister CustomProfiles

OSSC Optimal Timing Profiles

My Youtube Channel


Mod boards:

Super NES digital Audio Dual Output Mod Kit


Game, Console, & Electronics Modding:

Neo Geo AES Power Supply Guide

New Quality Power Supplies for Vintage Consoles

Original Playstation Digital Audio Mod

NTSC NES Composite Palette Projects

NESRGB Firmware Flashing Guide

Famicom Cart & Everdrive N8 Epx. Audio to Front-loader NESRGB Guide

Neo Geo AES3-3 & 3-4 RGB Bypass Mod

Neo Geo AES3-3 & 3-4 Audio Restoration Mod

Sony ADC Deck Mod


Soundtrack Rips:

The Silent Hill Complete Soundtrack Ultimate Edition

The Silent Hill 2 Complete Soundtrack Ultimate Edition

The Silent Hill 3 Complete Soundtrack Ultimate Edition

Super NES Digital Soundtrack Rips From Original Hardware

Doom 64 UltraHDMI Perfect Rip

Tempest 2000 In-Game Soundtrack

Tenchu Complete Soundtrack Ultimate Edition

Tomb Raider (1996) Complete Soundtrack

Tomb Raider II (1997) Complete Soundtrack

Tomb Raider III (1998) Complete Soundtrack



My Quest for Pixel Perfection

Transformers G1 Cartoon Restoration

PC Engine Fatal Fury Special: My take

1995: The Year Nintendo Power Screwed Me

Interview with Level Designers of Doom 64

Reprologue Star Fox 2 Collector's Edition Review

Forever FirebrandX!


Chess and Other Artwork:

Chess Book Covers and Other Artwork

My Interview on

FBX's CGI Marble Chess Set

"Navigating Chess" Art Piece


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