Chess Book Covers
and Other Artwork

By FirebrandX



Last update: 06-01-2016 (Doom 64 interview link added)

                                                            This is just a little site I put together in order to showcase some of the
                                                       digital artwork I've done both as a hobby and professionally. I admit I
                                                       am a newbie to art, but I learn a new technique every time I start a new
                                                       image. It presents a challenge that I enjoy learning how to meet.

                                                          This site is intended for private use as a resume of my work.
                                                       It should not be linked to from any site or forum without contacting me first.
                                                       The content is copyrighted property of either myself or Gambit Publications.
                                                       Covers not currently released yet will be witheld until the release date.

                                                          Just click on any one of the thumbnail icons to view the image.
                                                       I've resized the images to fit browsers, but many of the images are
                                                       originally several thousand pixels wide for printing purposes. Also, these
                                                       images are compressed into jpeg format, which has resulted in severe
                                                       quality loss. Even at the lowest compression setting, these jpegs simply
                                                       don't compare to the quality of the original images.


Transformers G1 Cartoon Restoration

PC Engine Fatal Fury Special: My take

The Silent Hill Complete Soundtrack Ultimate Edition

The Silent Hill 2 Complete Soundtrack Ultimate Edition

The Silent Hill 3 Complete Soundtrack Ultimate Edition

1995: The Year Nintendo Power Screwed Me

Doom 64 OST 60-Cycle Noise Removal Guide

XRGB mini Framemeister Custom Profiles

NES Composite Palette Work

Interview with Level Designers of Doom 64


Shredder Daily Chess Puzzle:


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